My last Will – MTB – full movie – Chapter III – Part1

01:01:01 hrs to study

About that movie:

Carlos is a livng marathon muscle man and hard working family father – to compensate his business stress he started to go out with Rudolf to stay fit and sharp and also to calm down and relax because he does not want to blow up by overwelming work-ammounts – during their weird adventures they saved eachothers lifes various times, improved their friendship and rased it to new levels. Everybody brings his own story in so does also Rudolf:

He was born 1907 and passes away in the year 2078, because he wanted to complete his peaceful mission on Earth.
When he did that roll he was already 108 years old.

He made his last will during an exhausting MTB-ride with his best friend Carlos and survived during his life several times by miracle.
Together they are building up incredible strength – because they act like a team –

Some month ago a jack broke and Rudolf’s car fell down on him and smashed his chest, after his ex-girlfriend went off with a vividor – but he did not die – instead he decided to live, no matter what and find back to his center.
During his healing process his life changed and he got involved in an endless adventure trip with lot’s of love & fruits and growing friendships. It’s also a spiritual journey with a philosophical backround.

His lifestyle and his visions about life and dead had been his personal secret and cure – so he found back to his source- the positive attitude combined with his fruitfuel kept him alive and gave him super-powers that made him laugh and strong again.

This movie shows only tiny fragments of the whole story, because he was also a stuntman.

The problem about it – he broke nearly all stuff by accident.
His equipment suffered like him, but he survived somehow.
The reason, we can see only moderate scenes in this particular movie: The rough tough scenes damaged and destroyed the cameras and also parts of the set – so it cannot be all shown right now.. may be next time, after the new equipment comes to use. For now it’s fine, because the message is clear. If Charly Chaplin would have had our action-cams from today, he would dig himself out of his grave to come back to life, making movies for us.

Any serious mountainbike-rider might also have fun with this movie, because it makes us laugh about our daily challenges, and situations no matter what happens next – just face it! it is encouraging to survive and get happy.

Succeed and get up after falling.. learn by doing it right – practice . meditate, or how you wanna call it – have fun and pump it up with Love & fruits